The Chimney: What It Is And How To Smoke It

A chimney is basically a glorified blunt that can be smoked vertically. More concisely, it is two or more blunt wraps combined into a large tube and then stuffed with cannabis. For maximum air flow, a filter is never used. The space where there would normally be some type of filtering material is left empty space instead.

👆Chimney as viewed from the top down. Look at that diameter!

The cannabis is loosely packed except for the very bottom. The blunt tube is stood up on a rolling tray and filled with about a half inch of plant material which is then packed down tightly with a packing stick. This is done to allow the rest of the length to be loaded without falling through the bottom. The stickier the bud, the better this works.

👆Chimney shown bottom side up

Some advantages to chimneys over regular blunts is that they don’t go out as easily while you’re holding them, they last a good while, and with decent airflow, the smoke coming from the top of the chimney can be “sipped” as opposed to needing to be sucked through in a straw-like manner. For this reason I also call them “burning cups”.

Most people would probably agree that this is an obscene amount of marijuana for anybody regardless of experience, and the use of tobacco products here cannot be particularly healthy either. It may also be considered a waste of weed due to the way it burns. But medicinally speaking, the THC combined with the nicotine will still chill you out and help you get your mind right.

👆Smoke rising from the chimney during use

👆Bottom of the chimney smoldering

Ultimately, this isn’t something I would recommend consuming every day, and in fact I think I myself only did this once. In my case, blunts in general just went out of style in favor of joints and vaporizers.

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