THC And Testosterone: A Positive Correlation

Attention all soy drinkers; did you know that THC increases testosterone levels in men? It’s true. According to PubMed, “Using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) data from the years 2011-2016, we identified all men 18 years and older who answered the substance use questionnaire and underwent laboratory testing for T…Multivariate analysis controlling for age, comorbidities, tobacco use, alcohol use, body mass index (BMI), exercise level, and race revealed a small but statistically significant increase in T among regular THC users at any measured level of use, compared to non-regular THC users (non-users).”

I only found out about this the day I wrote this post. I have to say, after The Awakening I did notice an increase in my sex drive (not to mention being incredibly horny while high) and general masculinity. In fact, The Awakening itself may have been an indirect result of my testosterone levels increasing, even if small. I did gain a higher affinity for taking care of my body and lifting weights, which are two things I didn’t particularly care for before. My anxiety disappeared, and my confidence skyrocketed. The paper does go on to say that increase in T appears to decline as THC use increases, which is another reason I suggest using cannabis in moderation. One hit of weed every 3-4 days will stimulate T, daily usage will cut your production in half or more.

And this may be yet another reason why various industries have possibly been lobbying against cannabis for so long; they want to keep the world’s men weak and dependent on them. Let’s look at this. A low T male is much more likely to need a psychologist to process negativity in their life than a high T male, and likewise, a low T male is more likely to turn to cigarettes and/or alcohol to do the same in lieu of cannabis in areas where it is illegal and they are too afraid to take the risk needed to obtain it, so they turn to these toxic yet legal alternatives. Again, this is completely speculative on my part, but these “puzzle pieces” fit together far too well to be mere coincidence in my opinion.

One could argue that the widespread availability of testosterone supplements (which many people believe to be scams anyway) would dispel this theory, but the unfortunate reality is that many low T men generally don’t notice or don’t take issue with the fact that they are low T, in a similar way that people with autism generally don’t know that they are autistic. This is especially true in our modern society, which has become highly feminized and goes to great lengths to shame “toxic masculinity” and men in general. And nobody takes testosterone supplements for fun, meanwhile many people want to try cannabis at least once just to do it, regardless if it’s available to them. This also helps explain why “thug culture” (not my own words) promotes cannabis use so heavily.

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