Talking To Sober People: Be Careful!

As an indica enjoyer, my sessions typically play out with me couch-locked on a bean bag chair (bean-locked?) with tunes blasting, sipping some kind of really good drink while ruminating over how wonderful but also wicked the world is. Eventually, however, I build up a tolerance and may decide to wander the house or go for a walk (but I never drive while stoned, I’m a responsible stoner).

With that said, I strongly dislike having to talk to people that aren’t high while I am. Not only can it potentially heavily influence/ruin your vibe, it’s straight up dangerous. Imagine for example that you’re chilling on your couch one evening, meditating on some edibles. Suddenly, a family member calls you into the kitchen for dinner. You fix your plate, and while you’re doing this your family member starts talking politics, and asks you a question. You’re just interested in getting your food and getting back to the couch before you fall asleep, and without processing what they’re saying you just nod your head and say “yeah”.

Your family member freaks out. “What?!” they exclaim loudly, with an upset scowl on their face. Normally, you would say “hell no” to their highly controversial (in your household) query, but in that moment you’re at peace with the world and just want everybody to get along. You see their demeanor and suddenly feel guilty about making them upset, wondering what exactly you did wrong, so you counter with a simple and perhaps seemingly unbothered “what do you mean?” at which point they may either launch into a heated lecture about the topic or walk away and remain upset at you for some time.

That was a relatively harmless example. In some extreme cases, saying something canna-careless to the wrong person may result in you losing your job (if you go to work high that is), physical harm, or even death. None of this has never happened to me personally, but I’m sure it’s happened. What did happen to me includes the following:

  • Laughing at things people say that weren’t even remotely funny
  • Saying completely nonsensical things both in real life and online (such as using unnecessary descriptors ex. “hey, that mailman wearing blue just dropped mail into our plastic mailbox”)
  • Messing up a project I was working on (a news website) by publishing irrelevant content and publishing content in the incorrect categories and not realizing it until weeks later (a great way to burn the credibility of a news site!)

All of these things have one thing in common: they’re embarrassing. The first two perhaps more than the last as they occurred face to face, but the news site was seen by more eyes and ultimately had to be scrapped because I lost confidence in it. If you’re still new to cannabis, you may be thinking ‘why should anyone consume this plant if it can wreak such social havoc’, but cannabis is meant to be enjoyed either A) by one’s self or B) in the presence of other people who are also enjoying it and/or hold no judgement or expectations of you for it, in addition to being used in a therapeutic manner (in my opinion). I myself happened to dabble in cannabis in a household and neighborhood that otherwise doesn’t, so I should’ve known to (and now do) exercise more caution around those people, mostly just by remaining on my beanbag chair with my mouth zipped until my head finally clears up. If you think of something funny while you’re high and think that your social network just needs to hear it – wait until you’re sober to post it! That thing you thought was funny may just turn out to be really dumb and you’ll save yourself from being unfriended over an unintended clash.

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