Hemp And Clothing: A Match Made In Heaven

As you may know, aside from the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant, I also appreciate and endorse the ever increasing uses for the hemp plant. And what better way to take advantage of hemp than incorporating it into the very shirts on our backs!

Unlike petroleum based (think polyester) or even cotton clothing, hemp clothing is highly sustainable and comes with a whole slew of benefits, including added durability, filtering of UV light, antimicrobial properties, absorbance, breathability, and being just plain comfortable. With all of this in mind, I will make use of a section of this site to also promote my own line of hemp clothing, among other hemp products alongside THC carts and the like. To add to this, my clothing line will have a very unique appearance while still remaining as affordable as regular clothing to strengthen the CannabisHeaven brand.

I myself am not very good at clothing design, so I will have to either hire someone who is or obtain licensing for an existing design. I will say that upon searching through various patent auction sites and even the USPTO site, I came across a particularly interesting design, in my opinion anyway, simply titled “Set of Clothing” and originally patented in 2019 by a Kyle Usher from “Rubicon”. Here is an illustration of the design itself:

I like the general design of folds being used in the sleeves, legs, and pockets, which could be used to simulate leaves in my case. Specifically pertaining to the sleeves, the folds there feature buttons which I’m guessing are meant for adjusting the diameter/tightness of the sleeves, for example if you’re muscular. Since hemp absorbs dye very well, I may also use a natural dye and offer the set in various colors and combinations thereof.

In evaluating how useful his design would be for my cause, I’ve decided that I would need to make some slight adjustments to make it compatible with the CH brand. Primarily, I would add an embroidered cannabis leaf or maybe the CH logo to these pentagon-shaped patches:

What also caught my eye about this particular design is the fact that it was even featured in a news article naming Kyle as the designer. In my eyes this gives it more legitimacy because it shows that someone else thought it was newsworthy and could potentially be leveraged in the future as many news-featured products commonly are. The original article was published by “Fond Du Lac Times”, which is owned by a 501(c)(3) non-profit by the way, and can be viewed here.

Who knows, this could be the next Rock Revival or True Religion.

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