Gluenami: Planned Cross Strain

What Is Gluenami?

Gluenami is a planned cross strain, comprising of the gorilla glue and sour tsunami strains and intended for cannabis users that desire strong sedation. It is yet to be introduced to the world but will be created by crossing gorilla glue and sour tsunami which should have a strong scent with instant effects. It will likely have a strong and long lasting effect on cannabis users due to high THC content typically present in gorilla glue.


Gluenami may have a spicy tone with the scents of chocolate and coffee. Other flavors of gluenami may include pine and diesel. Since gorilla glue contains heavy diesel content, gluenami is expected to have a similar but still unique taste. The odor of gluenami is expected to be pungent and earthy. Gorilla Glue itself will be created from a strong combination, hence gluenami is also speculated to have the same strong effects. Let’s dive deeper into the concept of gluenami to see what its possible effects may be, its medical benefits, and even how its growth may take place.


The average content of THC in Gorilla Glue is around 18% to 22%. Some gorilla glue can have as high as 28% THC, causing it to have very strong effects. High THC is the reason why gluenami is expected to have immediate effects that last for a significant period. Experienced users of cannabis will probably enjoy it the most as it will give them strong euphoria with potent effects. Veteran users can handle gluenami with high THC content; however, new users should start with a low THC strain. Gluenami that may have 28% THC content probably won’t have any significant amounts of CBD. As soon as the strain is consumed, it should start showing its effect and lift the mood. So, people in a stressful mood could use gluenami for relieving their stress. It should give cerebral effects that give a happy feeling and can lead to long fits of giggles along with heavy relaxation, which would come in handy for people suffering from insomnia. Patients suffering from conditions such as anxiety, PTSD, and stress could also consume gluenami to put a damper on their symptoms. There is a chance that a person may experience adverse effects in the body when they consume a high amount of gluenami. A high dosage can lead to triggering anxiety and/or stress in the user. Other possible side effects can be itchy eyes, sore throat, and cottonmouth. There is also the possibility that excess consumption of gluenami might cause headache, dizziness, or paranoia. These are some of the common side effects which are experienced in the consumption of almost every other strain of cannabis.

Medical Benefits

Gluenami, a planned cross strain, will likely not be an ideal treatment for certain ailments such as cancer or seizures because it is expected to have a very limited amount of CBD in it. However, the presence of ample amounts of THC is expected to make it ideal for treatment of depression, OCD, loss of appetite, and headache when used in moderation. Perhaps, if you are looking for a drug to treat nausea or bad stomach, then gluenami may also be the right choice. People finding it difficult to sleep at night or waking up in short intervals throughout the night may also find peace of mind through the consumption of gluenami.

How To Grow Gluenami?

Just like the gorilla glue strain requires utmost care and attention, gluenami will also need the same. The plants will need to be given ample space so they can grow out to their full potential. It might not be easily vulnerable to pests or other diseases. In order to maximize the yield of this plant, Co2 should be given in a controlled environment, and possibly gibberellic acid. Gluenami seeds are expected to require at least 8 to 9 weeks for growing in an indoor setting. It is estimated that the gluenami plants will need a temperature of at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal growth.

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