Edibles Vs. Smoking: A Comparison

In this post, I will diagram the biggest differences between the two consumption methods. Please note that some of this info is influenced by personal experience and may be biased:



  1. There is no smell
  2. No ash is created
  3. Your lungs stay clean
  4. Edibles are typically cheaper than flower/concentrates because they tend to be made with the less desirable parts of the cannabis plant i.e. shake and trim
  5. The high lasts longer than from smoking, so you get more bang for your buck
  6. Edibles can be flavored however you want and can take the form of pretty much any type of food


  1. The high takes much longer to kick in
  2. The high can be too intense for some people (typically beginners, which is why it isn’t recommended for them anyway)



  1. The high kicks in within minutes or even seconds
  2. Generally easier to dose because you can gradually inhale only what you need until the desired effect is achieved
  3. It looks cool


  1. The smell is very strong, not ideal for people that live in apartments or with family that are against cannabis use
  2. Creates ash that must be dealt with
  3. Damages the lungs over time (especially in chronic smokers), which is further amplified if tobacco or tobacco products are used
  4. The high is not as strong as edibles and does not last as long (this is a subjective con, however)
  5. Smoking cannabis flower and concentrates is more expensive

As you can see, the pros and cons of each are very asymmetrical, and some cons of edibles such as being too intense for some people can be easily mitigated by ingesting CBD and/or water mixed with lemon juice. And in regards to taking longer to kick in, what’s the rush? After all, you’re about to be stoned for hours anyway. The only real advantage that smoking has over consuming edibles is the ease of dosage, and if you already have a built up tolerance, that probably won’t be an issue.

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