Cannabis Social Networks: My Top 10

The cannabis industry has seen a boom in the last few years. Despite this, the firms face restrictions on their mobile devices over communications with consumers. To counter this problem, various Cannabis Social Networks have been established to provide an interactive platform for firms, experts, and consumers. Here are a few of the apps that are a part of these networks.


CannaBuzz is known to be a legal place for cannabis users where they can share photos and videos without any restrictions. Users have the option of posting texts, 5-minute videos on cannabis-related content or pictures of their favorite product/brand or their daily activities. Groups can be created with like-minded people or a user can have a private chat while their data is safe. The app can be accessed on the webpage of CannaBuzz as well as on the iPhone. It is not available for Android users.

Install the app: Cannabuzz

High There

High There is similar to Tinder, where it allows a user to form connections with cannabis users and develop a bond or relationship with them. It makes use of the swiping technique which Tinder users are familiar with. It is basically to look for a suitable date or a friend who smokes weed or is a cannabis fan. The app is user-friendly with a rating of 4.6. It is available for both iOS and Android.

Install the app: High There


WeedTube is a platform that allows Cannabis fans to share any video content related to cannabis. It was developed due to the censorship of Cannabis content by Youtube. WeedTube provides a single platform to have all discussions on Cannabis via podcasts as well. There are no violation rules on content and accounts for an effective digital marketing technique. WeedTube users set out a strategy deciding on the type of video content to include that can increase the reach of their brand/product which can help gain more sales.

Install the app: Weed Tube

Buddy Jane

Buddy Jane is a social media app for the cannabis community to interact with each other by sharing ideas and experiences. It gives a chance for self-expression to the users which can help them to connect with like-minded people. It is a great way to look for good cannabis deals available with promotional discounts. The app has its podcast to live-stream video.

Install the app: Buddy Jane


Jayne is a social media platform for cannabis users. It allows both creation of profiles for interaction among cannabis users and the set up of professional pages that have everything from the cannabis industry to the potential brands and their influencers. Its unique feature is its private chat to connect with people. There is no promotion option on the profile’s feed. Rather, the professional page is used for that purpose. Those pages can be used for both building iup brand’s persona, e-commerce, etc. The app is only available for iPhone users and allows businesses to grow their followers, take in expert advice, and share event stories.

Install the app: Jayne


WeedLife is a news feed that keeps you updated about all information in the weed market. It gives a chance to connect with other weed users via forums. WeedLife can also be used as a marketing platform by weed businesses to spread awareness about their brand. It allows both listing and promotion of weed products. The video tutorials uploaded on cannabis use on Weedtube have helped the community in establishing good client connections in the industry. It is an alternative to youtube with much lesser restrictions.

Install the app: Weedlife


WeedHerb is yet another social networking app that allows cannabis users to share their weed stories, post videos on cannabis content, and upload pictures. It has made the possibility of sharing virtual joints with friends or nearby people a reality. Along with that, WeedHerb has many weed-related video games for its users that they can enjoy 24/7. Friend groups can be made to have a joint session on the app as well. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Install the app: Weed Herb


Budwiz is a free of cost app that allows the cannabis community to not only establish connections with fellow cannabis users but the brands and retailers in the cannabis industry as well. It has been rebuilt to accommodate the change in the cannabis industry with the introduction of the app as a gamified one. The app is meant for the end consumers of cannabis that aims to understand the choices of users along with their feedback on existing brands in the cannabis industry. It gives the right users to correct any misconception about cannabis and justify the right information.

Install the app: Budwiz


SESH, a cannabis social network by Merry Jane is yet another platform to help the cannabis community to stay in touch with each other. The exciting app is a good way to share your weed experiences with fellow cannabis fans. The app allows both account creation to connect and collaborate on someone else’s account. By collaborating, community members can bring together photos and videos of smoking from various parties or festivals. It’s the cannabis community exploring each other’s world and living in the moment. A notification is sent out to all users in case of any celebrity interaction on SESH.

Install the app: SESH weed community is one of the popular discussion forums for cannabis users where they can interact with each other, share recent news in the cannabis industry, react to each other’s posts, etc. The platform is very much like Twitter where users can follow each other, join communities, trend on any weed-related topic, etc. The members are seen sharing recent articles on weed along with memes and sharing their thoughts on the happenings in the weed industry. It is an all in one platform to help cannabis users stay connected.

Check it out: Weed Community

So these are my 10 favorite cannabis social networks, do let me know which one(s) you like the most.

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