Burt’s Bees Charcoal + Hemp Seed Oil Toothpaste: Review

I can personally recommend this brand of toothpaste because it’s fluoride free, isn’t too harsh like conventional brands such as Crest, and it still does a great job of cleaning teeth. You know, for when you need to freshen your breath after a smoke.

It comes in mint flavor and according to Burt’s “Made without parabens, sls, and artificial flavors. Fluoride free. Free to choose. We know that not everyone wants fluoride, but we all want a clean and fresh experience. We’ve carefully crafted this essential oil flavored toothpaste without fluoride, leaving you the choice! Great for freshening breath without the ingredients you don’t want. This toothpaste is crafted to help remove stains (surface stains) to help you achieve a beautiful smile! Enjoy!”

Nobody should want fluoride in their toothpaste or tapwater, because fluoride destroys your pineal gland*. Unfortunately, it seems that Burt’s Bees is not manufacturing this stuff anymore as it does not appear on their website. Your best bet is to look around 3rd party sites like eBay and e-commerce shops if you want it. Here is one example I found (I am not affiliated with this site btw).

As an aside, there are other brands of a similar product. This is a notable example.

I always appreciate when companies promote cannabis for its various health benefits. Just another step towards full legalization in my eyes.

*Seriously, fluoride is some really nasty stuff. The consequences of ingesting fluoride, as part of the pineal gland becoming calcified, include Alzheimer’s disease, increased oxidative stress in the brain, increased risk of breast cancer, poor sleep/insomnia (which can lead to further complications), and early puberty in girls. It’s worse than soy.

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